Friday, September 17, 2010

long lost blog

hmm...haven't posted anything in quite some time.

why? well, first of all my laptop took a big ol' crap and i can't connect to the interwebs. secondly, mike's laptop sucks and half the keys don't work so you have to use the on-screen keyboard which blows and takes forever.

i'm also busy canning and freezing and drying and reading and writing and planning.

the impending nuptials are planned for next summer and it turns out there is quite a bit to think about.

i'm still cooking and we're still eating i just haven't taken the time to photograph it and document it.

we are enjoying loads of brussel sprouts - the best thing our garden has produced all summer - and tonight we have a date night planned.

and by date night i mean slaughtering and butchering four roosters. man oh man i can't wait to say au revoir to those cocks. i am sick of them crowing and crowing all day and night and i am even more sick of them raping the poor little hens.

speaking of hens - we got our first egg last week.

so far we collected probably 8 or 9 eggs and boy are they delicious. this morning i had a dippy egg breakfast sandwich on wheat bread with swiss cheese. and yesterday i had a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, cheese, leftover flank steak, cilantro and hot sauce. mmm!!

i have a real craving for some good fried chicken. goodbye cocks. hello fried chicken!