Monday, May 19, 2008

an introduction

in my never ending quest to discover and create good eats i've decided to launch a blog dedicated to my efforts. some background information - i started cooking for my family (dad and two younger brothers) when i was about 12 years old after my parents divorced. i was faced with two options; (1) learn to cook or (2) survive only on my dad's hamburger helper, chicken helper, tuna helper, and whatever helper they would come up with next for the rest of my time in the house. i opted for the first.

many years have passed and over time i have acquired quite a repertoire in the kitchen (amateur by many standards but still pretty good from this angle). i love to eat more than anything else in the entire world and cooking good food for my family and friends comes in at a close second.

i'm not a professional chef and i don't pretend to be. i just like to cook. read on and please share your love of good food.

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