Saturday, March 28, 2009

klopek? what is that slavic? NO!

the tour de lenten fish fries continued last night with a trip to the slovak j club. wow. delicious. i didn't think the poles could be beat but the slav's can really fry!

i went with the fried shrimp cuz i was feeling classy however the fried perch is all you can eat and a snagged a lil' piece for stormin' norman. delicious.

for $7 each we got two big baskets of bread (VERY delicious - the best bread we've had so far according to kp) and i had coleslaw and pierogies for my sides. oh man. the pierogies were so delicious. so very delicious.

the slavs definitely know what the fuck is up with pierogies.

i washed down this fine meal with a $2 labbats. delightful.

the slovak j club gets an A+++!

next friday - i'm not sure yet where we'll end up but the shriners are on our list.


Viper said...

Don't know if you heard the convo a couple weeks ago, but the greeks have a fish fry too if you need to add another culture to your list.

the erratic epicurean said...

yes! where are the greeks fryin'? wanna hit it up this friday?