Wednesday, August 31, 2011

we have a lot of tomatoes

i have crushed 'em. i have jammed 'em. i have BLT'd 'em.
and last night i souped 'em.

i got about 4-5 quarts into the freezer when it was all said and done.
mmm! tasty!


Viper said...

Tomato jam? How's that taste? Sounds interesting.

the erratic epicurean said...

i really like it and i sold out last saturday at the market! it's sweet but not regular jam sweet and it also has lime juice, fresh ginger and red pepper flakes for the kick.

i think it is good with goat cheese and crackers. and it is AWESOME in a grilled cheese. mmm!

Jennifer said...

Awesome! Mu family LOVES tomatoes. We all have gardens full fo them... but not this year. The heat has made the plants grow huge but with no tomatoes. We did however, still have our annual Salsa Making Day with canning tomatoes purchased from surrounding farms. It is like a second christmas :) Have fun with your bounty!

the erratic epicurean said...

our tomatoes did pretty poorly last year jennifer so i know the feeling. getting them from the farmers market is what i did when i was an apartment dweller with no garden.

Jackie said...

I get tired just looking at your pics.