Tuesday, June 3, 2008

straight from the horse's mouth

northeastern ohio is a fantastic place for produce in the summer and akron, ohio is a fantastic city for farmer's markets. in a few weeks you'll be able to get fresh, LOCALLY grown and produced vegetables, fruits, cheeses, meats, breads and a host of other treats (suport your local farmers!). i love farmer's markets. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE farmer's markets.

there is only one thing i love more than farmer's markets - my own homegrown goodies and my lil' city garden!

oh man. look at these babies. i promise to love you and take care of you and i hope that in return you will provide me with a bumper crop of not one, not two, but THREE kinds of tomatoes! i also hope to have zucchini, summer squash, pickling cukes and whatever else i find to fill up the few pots i have left. i also have an herb garden - complete with basil, rosemary, thyme, chives and mint (for mojitos!) - on the way.

stay tuned. i have some really good feelings (and some very high hopes) about this summer!

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Anonymous said...

sybeiobwhat a wonderful sight - a lil ole country girl bringing her farming genes to the big city. one thing. don't try to chiffonade your basil with a paper shreader.