Thursday, June 19, 2008

you're the inspiration (cue chicago)

my latest hero is the pioneer woman. her entire website is fantastic but i just adore her recipes and her cooking blog. while scouring her site i came across linguine with chicken thighs and for some reason it stuck in my mind.

this week is pay week. thus i am broke and my fridge is like ol' mutha hubbard until tomorrow. i am currently only working with the essentials. here are my rations (or just a photo of my pantry. whichever.)

so, i didn't have any of the boneless skinless chicken thighs that the pioneer woman raves about. but i did have this. a single frozen boneless skin-on chicken breast.

so with the pioneer woman as my inspiration i put some chicken in my pasta.

first i trimmed off the fat from the chicken and rendered it (kinda sorta) in a hot pan with some olive oil.

i threw out the fatty pieces after they were browned and then added my chopped up chicken breast (don't forget to salt and pepper before cooking).

i boiled some water and cooked some penne pasta. fortunately i made and canned some of my kick ass pasta sauce (remember those pizzas?) a few nights ago. i cooked the chicken and then after it was nice and brown i poured it into a bowl. i deglazed the pan with a little water, reduced it by about half and then put in my pasta sauce. after it was warmed up i put the chicken back in the pan. then i mixed it all together. pretty damn good. i opted to pair this fine meal with a labatts since i was feelin' so classy. ha!

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Viper said...

Any time I hear "render fat," I think about the soap making scene Fight Club. In fact, chicken-fat soap would have been an interesting sidebar to this post.

Looks tasty. I think your tagline should be "how to eat well when you're broke as hell."