Friday, July 25, 2008

cheap - KILLER - eats

i had an amazing italian dinner last night for $6.50. holy cow! some friends and i went to ristorante abruzzi aka the
tallmadge/akron italian center.

they do it every single thursday night and it is some homemade goodness. for $6.50 you get a delightful little salad, fresh bread and your choice of rigatoni & meatballs or spaghetti & meatballs (VERY healthy portions). they also have a full (kinda) bar and beers are like $3.00! FANTASTIC food and it is served to you by the most wonderful lil' old italian ladies. i just love it!

you're busy on thursdays? what about tuesdays? the carovillese club holds a similar dinner (they have ravioli in addition to the spaghetti and rigatoni and it is AMAZING!) on tuesdays. i think it is even around the same price.
same set up and a whole other bunch of adorable italian women servin' up the good stuff.

both of these places have incredibly good food at insanely reasonable prices. plus it is good to support these little local establishments. go check 'em out. delicious!


Viper said...

Huh, I see how it is.

the erratic epicurean said...

what? that you weren't invited? this was an archival nerd fest and farewell to one of our nerdiest comrades. sorry.