Monday, July 28, 2008

it came to me in a dream

my friend the viper, inspired by this, tells me i need to include more breakfast foods.

i like breakfast. i LOVE breakfast.
sometimes i make breakfast for dinner.

however, i dislike going out to breakfast. breakfast should be cooked at home, in your jammies, whilst nursing a hangover. it should not be eaten in a tacky chain restaurant like this one or worse this one for a number of reasons (awful decor and old timey games and crying children accounting for nearly half. seriously, who wants that at 9:00 am with a ragin' hangover? not me.)

first of all they do not know how to properly cook my eggs (only i know how to do that) and also the food is freakin' outrageously over priced! why pay $5-$10 for something mediocre when you can make something marvelous at home for like 50 cents?!
don't get me wrong - a good greasy spoon is a whole other story. there just aren't too many in my neck of the woods and i still hate spending money on breakfast.

so, once again i channeled my latest hero and set out to make myself some egg-in-a-hole.

any breakfast requires a lot of butter so this should probably always be your first step.

i used a glass to cut a hole in the middle of a piece of rye bread and i plopped it into the melted butter. i let it cook a little bit so the bread would be a little toasty and then
i cracked an egg right in the hole.

i like my eggs dippy but not slimy so i flipped my egg-in-a-hole. i also threw the cut out circle of bread into the buttery pan and crisped it up so i could dip that.

i would say this was a pretty delicious breakfast. i don't think it will replace my standard weekend morning fare of two dippy eggs, toast and fried potatoes but i might make it again some morning to impress a friend.


Xenia said...

I love dippy eggs! I must try this.

I hate to admit this to you, but I've had a desire to go to an IHOP for the past three months. They don't have fluffy American pancakes over here. So sad. :(

the erratic epicurean said...

that is why you have to make your own pancakes xenia! you can do it!

Viper said...

I've always called this a picture-frame egg. And I totally made two of 'em for breakfast a couple weeks ago.