Sunday, August 24, 2008

learn from mistakes? i usually don't.

soon i shall be embarking on a fantastic trip - gastronomic bonanza if you will - to the city by the bay. with such a trip on the horizon i've been trying to save my pennies. san francisco is not cheap and since i plan on eating and drinking my way to oblivion i'm gonna need some cash.

hence my thrown together dinner the other night. after a rough day in the basement and an equally rough night of laundry and cookie dough (more on that later) i scanned my fridge and cupboards.

(1) frozen chicken breast
(2) potatoes and sweet corn from the barton pickin' patch
(3) fresh herbs

these items had potential.

first i snipped some fresh thyme and some chives. i coarsely chopped thyme and garlic together and rubbed it all over my chicken breast.

then i seared the breast (skin side down) in a lil' olive oil in my dutch oven. (i love my dutch oven. stove top to oven to table. marvelous!)

then i flipped it and seared the other side. i probably should have let the skin side go for a little longer but i was impatient and hungry.

something i always seem to forget - garlic burns easily. very easily. at first the aroma of the searing chicken was fabulous but then all of the sudden i caught a whiff of burnt garlic. shit!! how many times do i have to learn this lesson? hopefully i won't forget again since i am actually taking the time to document my mishaps here.

so i lifted the chicken out of the dutch oven and scraped out some of the burnt garlic chunks. (rats!!) then i dropped the chicken back in and put in into the oven to finish off.

while the chicken breast was in the oven i boiled three small red potatoes. i left the skins on and i left them whole. i also put on water for the sweet corn. when the potatoes were tender i took them out and gently pressed them down flat - inspiration supplied by the pioneer woman's crash hot potatoes

i checked on the chicken and it needed just a few more minutes so i plopped my smushed, buttered & salted potatoes right in alongside it for a few more minutes of roasting.

while those were finishing up i boiled my sweet corn - just a few minutes - and i chopped up some chives for my potatoes.

here's dinner.

i paired this meal with a mojito because they are so, so, so delicious. despite the burning of the garlic early on this turned out to be a pretty darn good dinner. plopping the potatoes down in the chicken juices to finish off was a good idea.

so i mentioned cookie dough earlier. i don't want to toot my own horn or anything but i am kinda known for my oatmeal cranberry cookies. i take them to events and to family gatherings and i always pass them out as gifts around the holidays. people like 'em. i like 'em. the woman i work with likes 'em enough that she gave me $10 to make her some. she said she had a craving. ha!

i doubled it so i had a ton of dough and i let it chill in the fridge while i made (and ate) my dinner. with so much dough i had a long night ahead of me.

this is just the beginning.

and this was just about halfway through.

i ended up stopping shortly after this due to sheer exhaustion. using another pioneer woman tip i rolled up the remaining dough into a log and wrapped it in wax paper. i put that inside a freezer bag and i figure i'll surprise my co-worker one day with a couple more cookies.

i'll be taking a break here for that big gastronomic bonanza i was talking about. i'll return with photographs, detailed notes and i'm sure a couple of good stories.


Viper said...

Good lookin' eats. Have fun on your omnivorous odyssey on the other coast.

Xenia said...

Have fun in San Fran! Looking forward to more food tales upon your return.