Sunday, August 3, 2008

fine mexican dining

you are about to learn the secret to authentic mexican cuisine. the best of the best. muy delicioso. and all for just $1.99!

ok. so i lied. there is nothing authentic or delicioso about a $1.99 food club taco kit. however, when times are tough and you feel like entertaining tacos aren't half bad. i ain't too proud and thankfully neither were my dinner guests!

i had about a pound of ground beef in my freezer from the last cousin's dinner, a few leaves of romaine lettuce from my lunchtime salads, a single tomato, (on it's way out but shhh! don't tell), about a quarter of a brick of cheddar cheese and half a container of sour cream. i also picked a few green onions from my garden.

since i just recently used my last can of black beans i opted for some rice as a good filler. i made it using chicken broth instead of water (thanks mrs. weitz for the tip). i cooked the ground beef in a skillet and after it was drained i added the magical food club "taco seasoning." i washed and chopped all my veggies, grated some cheese and cooked the shells in the oven for about 7 minutes.

my friend megos brought over some chips and salsa and we all opted for the taco salad over the regular stuffed tacos. i've been doing this forever and i find it a much better way to eat 'em. i crush up 2-3 shells and then add all my fixin's. delish!

here's proof! hardly anything left!

after we all pigged out we watched a marvelous movie: the testament of dr. mabuse. scary! awesome! check it out!

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Viper said...

mmm ... taco box ... I'm kind of shocked that you'd use a kit ...