Tuesday, October 7, 2008

bad news on the blog front

last weekend the shitetarian and i headed out to the beautiful beaches of delaware. bethany beach to be exact and it was
fucking awesome.

the seafood feasts we cooked in our tiny condo kitchen were remarkable. outta this world. i'm talking mind blowing, buzz inducing seafood feasts (or was that the vodka......)

the bad news in this otherwise heartwarming tale of good eats, good friends and good booze is that my digital camera bit the dust while we were out there!

i captured day one's dinner (grilled shrimp two ways [a chipotle, lime marinade and a simple olive oil, red pepper flakes, salt mix], steamed clams in white wine and garlic, and steamed hard shell crabs with melted butter) but that was it. i attempted to capture the remaining dinners with my 35mm but who knows if those photos will end up being blog quality or not (that might have something to do with the vodka......)

so yea. i can't get the few digital pics i was able to take off of my camera and i am flat broke (from the seafood....and maybe the vodka....) so i can't afford to develop my film, let alone pick up a new digital camera.

it is a sad, sad miserable time for the erratic epicurean (so sad in fact i am talking in the third person. christ. maybe that was caused by the debate beers - MY FRIENDS, my friends, mY fRiEnDs - the viper knows what i'm talking about). so yea. no digital camera. it makes blogging much less fun.

what do you care if i made a kick ass pot roast with carrots and onions and mashed potatoes and pan gravy tonight?
you can't see it.

man, this totally blows.


Cornucopia said...

Yum...pot roast sounds fabulous. So sorry to hear about your digital. My blog is real low budget. The pictures come from cell phones :)

Xenia said...

Sorry to hear about the digital camera. I know how horrible it is when an expensive piece of technology decides to commit suicide on you. Not pretty.

the erratic epicurean said...

wanna hear about low budget - my cell phone doesn't even have that technology!

and as for my camera's suicide mission - how could he do it on vacation? how could the grey sandy beaches of DE make him throw in the towel?

Viper said...

I'm sorry for your loss. And I'm sorry that I rule at picking good drinking games, my friend.