Wednesday, April 29, 2009

who killed laura palmer?!
not my bbq chicken!

first - a disclaimer. i noticed it's been a whole month since i posted last. hence the name, ERRATIC epicurean!

for the last year or so a group of friends and i have been getting together to eat (everyone brings something tasty) and watch twin peaks. you are correct in assuming that since it's taken us over a year to watch a mere two seasons of 1990s television that we were a lil' erratic with our get-togethers.

we got together a few weeks ago to finish up and in honor of the sunshine and the season finale i thought i'd get out my lil' bucket grill.

i stopped by difeo's after work to pick up some whole chicken legs and then some good lookin' sausages wooed me. i picked up some hot italian sausage, some boudin sausage, and some turkey sausage (for the shitetarian of course!).

i already had some of my kick ass bbq sauce in the fridge so when i got home i rinsed and dried the chicken with some paper towels. i seasoned the legs liberally with salt and pepper and then roasted them in the oven on a wire rack over a cookie sheet until they were just about done.

why did i roast them in the oven and not just slap 'em on the grill? you'll see. it's a space issue.

while the chicken was roasting i lit the coals. once those were nice and hot and gray i started my sausages.

oops. maybe a lil' too hot for those lil' turkey links!

the turkey sausages were done pretty quickly so i took them off the grill and wrapped them in foil. the larger links took just a bit longer.

mmm. look at those babies. soooooo goooood.

with the sausages cooked and wrapped in foil it was time to start bbq'ing the chicken. i had 6 chicken legs total but due to my space constraints i had to bbq in batches.

i like to brush the chicken with bbq sauce, let 'em sizzle just about 20-30 seconds and then flip and brush and flip and brush and flip and brush until the skin is nice and crispy and and the sauce is caramelized.

here they are when they were just about finished.

YUM! bbq chicken legs are one of my all time favorite foods to grill. i'll be eating this many more times as the weather turns warm.

as for twin did not disappoint. what an ending!


Viper said...

And I like it took you a couple weeks after we watched the finale to post this. Good grub as always.

the erratic epicurean said...

i'm not expedient about too much these days.

Cornucopia said...

I heart Twin Peaks!!!!!