Thursday, April 30, 2009

sprucin' up an old standby

after lifting weights with the martini and spending 30 minutes on the treadmill i was hungry. lucky for me our special collections librarian hooked me up with a big, beautiful tomato. she said it was a "hot house" (which most are this time of year) but she claimed her mother-in-law brought it from some greenhouse in canada and it was the best "hot house" around.

it did look nice. and it smelled pretty good.

how about a blt?!

first things first - a beer. i'd worked up quite a thirst and brooklyn was there to quench it. today i went with the lager. tasty.

next - the bread. lucky for me i picked up these lil' ciabatta loaves at aldi's for like $1.50. i made chicken salad on sunday night and have been eating it on these mini loaves all week. perfect sammich size. yum!

you bake 'em in a 425 degree oven for like 8 minutes and then they are nice and crusty and yummy.

i also decided i'd roast a few potato wedges. i seasoned them with lawry's season salt and some lemon pepper and then i tossed 'em with some olive oil.

notice that perfect potato alignment? that's called neuroticism.

i cooked my bacon on my stove top cast iron grill and then drained it on paper towels. with nice crispy bacon, a crusty piece of ciabatta and chopped veggies it was time to assemble.

i only like a teeny bit of mayo. whenever i order blt's i always get the mayo on the side. you just need such a small amount - no gross slatherin' here.

next comes the lettuce. usually i'd like a whole leaf but i'd already chopped up my romaine for my lunch salads so chopped it was.

then the bacon.

then to mix things up a bit i added some slices of avocado. mmmm....avocado.

last but not least - the canadian tomato.

and here's my dinner.

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