Wednesday, March 31, 2010

everybody's workin' for/on the weekend!

i am becoming the side work queen. i guess this is because my real job is so low paying that i am forced to supplement if i want a living wage. sometimes i bake or cook for co-workers. i also like to think i can cater. and now it appears i've resorted to
scrubbing toilets.

saturday kp and i filled up on creme brulee french toast and duck fat potatoes and headed over to my dad's to clean for him. and it's not just my dad that lives there. it is also my 22 year-old-brother and 21-year-old cousin. it is like the supreme bachelor pad and it contained some serious man filth.

luckily the fridge was stocked with high life and the champagne of beers fueled us through 5 1/2 hours of sweeping, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming. it is a workin' woman's beer after all.

by the time we were done i was exhausted, starving and half drunk. we had roughly 30 minutes until duma's closed and i had a cool $75 burnin' a hole in my pocket. i drove 80 mph and arrived with about 8 minutes to spare.

they were starting to unload the coolers and i had to be quick. $5 pork roast? don't mind if i do! i also snagged two yams and a big yellow onion.

when i got home i had mike fire up the coals on my lil' marc's grill and i got to workin' on my meat. hehe.

i rubbed down my roast with some dijon mustard and then covered it in a blend of cumin seeds, chili powder, pepper, dried oregano, dried parsley and salt. once the coals were ready (partial-indirect heat and some soaked hickory chips) the roast went on and i took a much needed power shower.

once i was all fresh 'n clean i started working on some sides. i cut my yams up into fries and parboiled 'em for just about 5 minutes. i hate waiting on raw potatoes to roast. takes freakin' forever.

then i drained them and dumped them out onto a towel to dry. while those were drying i cut up that big yellow onion into lil' slices and tossed them with some olive oil, salt, pepper and panko bread crumbs.

i put the yam fries on a cookie sheet and drizzled 'em with a lil' olive oil and some of my leftover pork spice. this all went in the oven to roast.

when those were about done and the pork was resting i threw a bag of those steamable veggies in the microwave. hey! i just cleaned up mega-man-filth all day and was even drunker by this time due to some red wine. no time or energy to cut fresh veggies. plus we didn't have any anyways.

mmm! a delightful saturday night spread!

i really liked the crispy roasted onions over the pork. mmm.

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