Sunday, March 14, 2010

a lil' of this. a lil' of that.

i don't really have much to say. on the edge of my seat like everyone else in anticipation of spring. in the meantime, i continue to cook and eat.

valentine's day was lamb shanks with gremolata (which is freakin' delicious by the way on like everything. made it like 5 times since.), white beans and kale, brussel sprouts with pecans and creme brulee.

thank you shaker heights indoor market.

this eventually became the creme brulee. look at those yolks!

making and freezing stock is like my new saturday morning hobby. thanks to high mill park for this fantastic batch of chicken stock!

a co-worker asked if i could make a pie for her.
and i said, "my pleasure!"

and a friend asked me if i could make some bbq sauce for her to take to a party. and i said, "i'd love to!"

and for sunday family dinner my culinary co-conspirator and i looked to julia for inspiration. we kicked it old school and tackled duck l'orange.

*disclaimer - duck l'orange enhanced with chicken leg l'orange. it was a small duck and according to my co-conspirator,
"we have big appetites."


Viper said...

Well, that got me ready for lunch a bit prematurely. Looks delicious!

the erratic epicurean said...

i think lamb is my new favorite meat. i think i need to set up a lil' pen in my backyard. :)

Viper said...

I know some Greeks who can tell you ways to cook it and a dog who can keep them in a herd before they become dinner.