Monday, June 28, 2010

yankee bar-b-que

i was recently in syracuse, new york for the nerdiest of nerd gatherings - the annual cheiron meeting. a rogue group of historians of the social and behavioral sciences took over the le moyne college campus for the weekend and discussed all kinds of pressing historical issues. and by pressing i mean people discuss their own research projects which can be extremely interesting or downright boring. it's often a crap shoot.

friday night was a free night for the cheironians so we decided to travel into downtown syracuse for dinner. per usual i had done my share of culinary research before heading out and had come across the very highly rated and reviewed dinosaur bar-b-que.

well, of course i was skeptical. bbq in syracuse? there's nothin' but yankees* up there! could they really bbq? the cheironians and i were determined to find out!

dinosaur bar-b-que certainly seemed like the real deal. giant smokers behind an outdoor "bone yard" patio full of picnic tables. smoke and the familiar smells of roasting meat drifting above us as we sipped ice cold beers. and it was packed to the gills. hmm....

in order to fully assess the dinosaur's offerings i went with the sample platter - 1/4 bbq chicken (a whole leg); 1/4 slab of ribs and brisket with two sides. i went with greens and coleslaw. i also got some fried green tomatoes and the platter came with some mighty tasty cornbread.

this stuff was good!

my fellow cheironians and i agreed that dinosaur bar-b-que was the perfect ending to a long day of social science history.

i will have to disagree with this "best in the country" business though. the best bbq in the country certainly doesn't reside in syracuse, new york. you know just as well as i do that the best bbq in the country is in the backwoods of north carolina.

however, the yankees in syracuse aren't doing a bad job at all.

*you may be thinking to yourself, "wait a minute! aren't you a yankee yourself ms. erratic epicurean?" yes. yes i am. but i know good bbq when i taste it!

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