Thursday, June 3, 2010

happy memorial day!

homemade cinder block "grill"? check.

90+ lbs. charcoal? check.

147 lb. pig? check.

large container of mojo? check.

dollar store mop? check.

good eats? check! check!

my partner in pork and i set our alarm clocks for 4:30am saturday morning. on the way outside i woke up our house guest (my mom) as we would need all the help we could get dealing with our
147lb porker.

i had the butcher butterfly our lil' gal and we kept her wrapped up tight in industrial trash bags covered in ice in a big tub in the garage overnight. before the sun was up saturday morning we managed to get her up onto the table. whew!

i wiped her down with paper towels and my mom and i rubbed her with plenty of mojo while my partner readied the
grilling apparatus.

once he got her strapped in she was ready to transport to the
back yard.

we had lined the bottom of our "grill" with some industrial aluminum foil and started 3 or 4 bags of charcoal right in the center. before we took our lil' gal out to the grill we raked the hot coals into the corners so she would roast over indirect heat.

every 30 minutes or so we would mop her with more mojo and every hour or two we would flip her. we continued to add charcoal as we needed it and i think we used about 9 bags. my mom picked up some buns and i made my standard carolina bbq sauce and we feasted in the late afternoon.

this is our second pig roast and i must say the butterflied/cuban inspired method was far superior to the standard rotating spit (and it was free while a spit rental was $110!). it seemed easier to manage and in my opinion roasted much better as there was more surface area over the smoky coals.

super-mega-ultra memorial day weekend pig roast blowout = success!


Viper said...

Super mega ultra awesome! Thanks again for having us. Dobson was spoiled with pig skin and now any other treats seem to pale in comparison.

the erratic epicurean said...

dobson has tasted the good life. no going back now!

Xenia said...

I am thoroughly impressed. There's a stall at the bi-monthly market here which roasts a pig on a spit and sells the most delicious pork baps, but I think you've got him beat on the badass front. Well done.

Also, because of your blog I made shakshuka for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I loved it. Thanks for expanding my culinary repertoire. :)

the erratic epicurean said...
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