Monday, January 12, 2009

farewell to a friend

i love cooking. i love cooking because i love eating and i love eating because really good food tastes sooooo good. and i know about the good stuff because i have had people in my life who were there to cook good food and teach me how to cook it for myself.

someone who taught me a lot about cooking, eating, grilling and just enjoying good food and drink is my uncle stu-hoo.

i spent a lot of time at my aj and uncle stu-hoo's when i was kid and i remember him cooking. i remember the "kitchen's open dad's cookin'." i remember the tall slender salt and pepper shakers and the molly mcbutter and the "what good happened to you today" dinners. i remember the 'bon apetit' magazines beside his recliner.

he always brought the turkey and stuffing to thanksgiving and as we all grew older he and aj started having monthly sunday family dinners. i casually mentioned pulled pork and one sunday he got up early to slowly grill a pork shoulder all day. a few months ago he dropped off a box of cooking magazines on my porch after i mentioned one day i was thinking about getting a subscription
to one.

i will miss my uncle stu-hoo more than i can even express in words. he was an inspiration and i love that he read and enjoyed this blog.

he was amazing cook and an amazing person and i loved him a great deal, rain

or shine.

good bye stu-hoo.


Virginia Dressler said...

i'm so sorry, buddy! good memories around the grill!

Viper said...

Nice tribute. I'm sorry for your loss. Continue to tell those stories of your uncle Stu.