Thursday, January 1, 2009

should old acquaintance be forgot....

well, it's all over. good bye christmas. good bye 2008. on the food front the holidays appear to have been a huge success. my jams, sauces and cookies seemed to go over very well. i made parmesan toasts for my christmas eve appetizer and those were a mega hit (they always are. thanks diane!). then i hooked my family up with a sheet pan of duck fat potatoes and homemade irish cream for their coffee on christmas morning. then today the mother of all holiday dishes - pork and sauerkraut. mmmmmm.

i LOVE pork and sauerkraut. pork, big surprise huh? i woke up several new year's mornings at the barton household to the smell of diane's killer pork and sauerkraut. oh, it was soooooo good. i remember my dad used to make it to but since he doesn't read this i'll go ahead and admit that the barton pork and sauerkraut was much, much better. this year i attempted to recreate it and i think i was pretty damn close.

i headed out to duma's the other day to pick up a kick ass pork roast. man, i love that place. i got a 7 1/2 lb. custom cut pork shoulder for $12. $12!!! they sell t-shirts now that say, "friends don't let friends buy grocery store meat" and my god it is the truth. please, make the drive. pick up some homemade sausage and bacon while you're out there. mmmmmmm.

so the pork roast. big. fantastic looking. i also grabbed two packs of sauerkraut and a 5 lb. bag of russet potatoes and then i had all the elements for what i knew was going to be a killer new year's dinner.

this morning i put salt and pepper on the roast and laid it fat side up in a lovely bed of kraut. i covered it in foil and it cooked at 300 degrees from about 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. my apartment smelled soooooooooooooooooooo good. and the pork just fell apart. happy new year's indeed!

since i had damn near 8 lbs. of pork and 5 lbs. of mashed potatoes i invited some peeps over. we sipped champagne, beers and super potent french roast and pigged out on pork to "the bad news bears" and the mother of all new year's movies, "four rooms." ("there's a big fat needle from god knows where, stuck in my leg, infecting me with god knows what....")

the large salad that aNw brought was just the icing on the cake. the cool, crisp finish to a huge plate of new year's tradition. i like to make a potato volcano and then fill it up with the pork and the sauerkraut and then i stir it all up. oh, that is the only way to eat it. mmmmm.

so i didn't catch the meal early on but i did snap a photo after we all mauled it.

happy new year's! i hope your 2009 is a good one!


the erratic epicurean said...

i would just like to point out that the time on the stove is indeed correct. we were done eating and the party was over by 7:19. i was in my pj's by 7:30. ha!

Viper said...

Nice work! Looks deelish!

You finally get a new camera?

the erratic epicurean said...

yep! got my new camera at christmas and i hope to blog much more frequently now!