Monday, January 5, 2009

holidays are done. i'm still bakin' cookies. a baker wannabe's work is never done.

since i have a camera now i figured i'd write a blog. then i realized that this evening was no epicurean delight and really not worth blogging about. but...since i'm not doing anything else....

so, i ran to acme after work for supplies for wednesday and i also grabbed some stuff for my lunch. lettuce mostly. and some carrots (which can also be used on wednesday) and one tiny scoop of dried cranberries. the fixin's for some fabulous salads.

i hate bagged lettuce. it is TOTALLY OVERPRICED and it consists of the crappiest of the greens. the ones that are hanging off and broken and the outermost layers. boo hiss. convenience, perhaps but taste a value, FAIL. it goes bad super fast and if one piece is slimy they all go slimy!

[hops off soap box.]

so i bought this romaine for $1.56.

i rinsed it and then spun it in my salad spinner and dried it on the counter. then i chopped it up and put it in a freezer bag. while doing this i enjoyed a brooklyn black chocolate stout. mmmmmmm. (thanks martini!)

i made myself a salad and i ate the other half of the chicken sandwich i got from lockview earlier in the day at the "the holidays are officially over" luncheon.

then i baked more cookies. cookies. cookies. cookies. i swear i have baked more cookies in the last three months than i have in my entire life.

you! you're going to be the death of me!

these babies are minnesota bound. watch out land of 10,000 lakes. these kick ass cookies are headed your way!

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Viper said...

Those cookies were tasty. I finished them off long ago. The oatmeal cookies rule, but I loved the pig cut-outs aesthetically.