Tuesday, May 12, 2009

movin' on up!

a few weeks ago i whipped out the ol' bucket grill for a twin peaks feast of bbq chicken and sausages. i love that grill. i bought it for $10 at world market two summers ago and that lil' guy has treated me right. sure, it's small but it did the trick.
besides, i'm no size queen.

i would've used the bucket this summer too if i hadn't run across the deal of the century at marc's the other day.

for a mere $20 i got this gem.

here she is gettin' nice and warm for that kick ass pork loin i was about to grill!

i picked up two sweet potatoes and the loin at duma's for only $5! i marinated the loin in honey, soy sauce and some minced garlic while i putzed around my apartment cleaning and doing laundry.

i put the coals on the sides and left the middle of the grill coal-free so the loin wouldn't cook on direct heat.

i basted the loin a few times with the leftover marinade and left that baby alone for about an hour. once it reached 160 degrees i took it off the grill and let it rest for about 20 minutes.

while my loin was resting i steamed some brussel sprouts and added a lil' butter, salt and pepper to the sweet potatoes.

man oh man. this was DELICIOUS!

the pork was soooooo juicy and so tender i barely needed a knife. killer!

man, this grill is so sweet. i'm going to be grillin' and cookin' out all summer long!


Anonymous said...

This looks soooo good. I hope you take some shots of the eats in Nags Head to post!

the erratic epicurean said...

hey anonymous....how do you know i'm going to nag's head? reveal yourself!

Viper said...

Nice upgrade!

And good looking eats as usual.

Kristen Marie said...

I like the lime green grill! I have one about the same size, but it looks like a football. heh.

the food looks awesome too. I think i need to find out where you live so I can steal things off of your grill when you run back inside to grab another beer :)

Viper said...

Consistent blogging ... you're doing it wrong.

On a side note, saw a small terracotta grill the shape of a pig at World Market. Sadly, it can only hold a hamburger patty and maybe a hotdog or I would have gotten it.

nico.pony79 said...

I do appreciate your new grill, but I am waiting for the new content plz! Where's the next meal?