Saturday, April 24, 2010

why not? it's friday!

i had never heard of shakshuka before but smitten kitchen sure made it look good. so good in fact that i thought, "what the heck? it's friday night - i'll give it a whirl!"

i had everything on hand so after a thrilling happy hour at laundry 101 (stupid busted ass washer. at least i could enjoy a stone levitation ale while i washed, dried and folded.) i headed home to take on the shakshuka.

i started off with some jalapenos and onions.

while those were cooking i sliced up some garlic cloves and sipped on some fat bastard pinot noir.

once the onions were soft and brown i added the garlic along with some cumin, paprika and a lil' crushed red pepper.

i squished up the whole tomatoes and added them to the mix. i let this simmer for about 30 minutes or so and then added the eggs. i covered the pot and the eggs cooked for just about 5 minutes.

i didn't do very well adding the eggs. you're supposed to spread them out on the surface and i kinda just plopped mine in. lesson learned here. next time, greater surface area with the eggs.

i served this with some chopped parsley and feta cheese and some warm, crusty french bread for dipping. mmm. delicious. and something totally new to me. it's in the arsenal!

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