Wednesday, May 12, 2010

long distance information,
give me memphis tennessee

in a few short hours i am heading to the bluff city. the home of the blues. the river city. a city near the top my bbq dream list - MEMPHIS, TN!

kp and i are loading up the matrix with raincoats and a cooler of starbucks double shots, turkey sandwiches and trail mix and embarking on an 11-hour drive to gorge ourselves on beers, bbq and the blues.

the lil' notebook that travels with me to far-flung destinations has 2 pages devoted to bbq joints and fried chicken shacks.

man oh man. i can almost smell the hickory smoke....


Viper said...

I used to have a directory for all things "the blues." Wonder what happened to it. Might have been helpful for your trip, though perhaps a bit outdated (1999-ish). Have a great time.

the erratic epicurean said...

you can count on it viper! and you just may get a lil' doggie bag!

joven said...

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