Friday, April 6, 2012

cascarones! una parte!

when i was a kid my aunt lived in texas and when she came home at easter she brought cascarones with her. i remember our family having so much fun chasing each other around the yard trying to smash confetti eggs on each others' heads. good times.

i decided i wanted to make some this year.

i got my coloring water ready (food coloring + white vinegar + boiling water) and i started cleaning out my eggs.

i did a dozen white eggs from the grocery store and six from our own birds. the size difference was crazy. jumbo white store eggs are indeed jumbo. egads!

i cleaned them out, colored them, and then put them on a rack to dry. it takes at least 24 hours for them to dry out and i'll be stuffing them with confetti on saturday with some friends.

after the shells were ready to go i realized i had a lot of raw egg to deal with so i decided to make a frittata.

i used what i had on hand - leeks and asparagus.

i sauteed the leeks and asparagus in some butter.

while those were cooking i whisked my eggs with a little half and half, some s&p, and a little fresh, grated parmesan cheese. then i poured it into the skillet.

i kept this over medium-low heat until it was juuuuuust starting to set up. then i sprinkled a little more parmesan on top and put it under the broiler until it puffed up and the cheese turned golden. just about 3-4 minutes.



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