Sunday, September 21, 2008

looking for slow cooked hunks of pork? i'll find it!

apparently i have a snout...for pork.
if there's bbq in a 10 mile radius i'll find it.

it all started when aNw called me up saturday morning and asked if i'd like to join her and check out the mum fest and because i fucking love stuff like that i agreed.
what's better than a small town festival?

so we looked at some mums. they were beautiful.

we watched some trick water skiers on lake anna (who the hell grows up to be a trick skier?) and we looked at some god awful crafty crafts like these. ugh. kinda morbid. who the hell would buy these? worse, who would make these and think they're cool?
ugh. terrible.

by now i was getting a little hungry and we were considering walking back towards the food stands when i noticed a sign stapled to a telephone pole. it read, "trolley to piggery." hmmmm. what the hell is a piggery? would there be cooked pigs?

while aNw picked out some mums to go i asked at the information desk. there was no information. the woman said, "i'm not sure. i think there it's food and fun." AND fun? we headed out to find the piggery.

and i'm glad we did cuz the piggery turned out to be pretty
fucking sweet.

there weren't quite as many crappy craft vendors and there was bbq and beer. beer! it was like the heavens opened up and shined right down on us! pulled pork and beer!

yum. yum. yum. this was delish. aNw went with a couple of rib bones and i of course went for the pulled pork sammich. i am convinced - 100% convinced - that a better food does not exist. nothing is quite as exquisite as a pulled pork sammich. and the fact that we came across this magical place in barberton, the city of magic, completely by accident was even better! it was my snout! it led us right to the good stuff!

we walked around the piggery which really is a beautiful building and we ended our adventure on a sweet note.

moose tracks in a sugar cone. ahhhhhh. a nice cold beer, a pulled pork sammich and an ice cream cone eaten in and around a piggery. magnificent!

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