Thursday, September 11, 2008

makin' somethin' from nothin'

finally. FINALLY i have red tomatoes! i've been waiting for so long. they've been green for what seems like forever and i was only getting one or two red ones at a time. tonight i had to take a little bowl out there with me so i could carry them all in. and some basil. yum. this is my lunch tomorrow.

sunday morning i ran down to szalay's and picked up a couple odds and ends. of those odds and ends i had a few brussel sprouts and a couple red potatoes left. i also discovered one lonesome frozen chicken thigh/leg combo in my freezer.

upon defrosting and further inspection i discovered that the end of the drumstick was broken. the bone was broken and it looked kinda weird - like little bits of bone just floating around. with no other prospects in the freezer i just used my knife to saw off the end. good to go.

i plucked some rosemary from my herb garden and stuck it up under the chicken skin. i seasoned both sides with some salt and pepper and plopped it down into my dutch oven with a little
olive oil.

i decided to steam the brussel sprouts. they're so cute.
lil' cabbages.

i didn't really feel like messing around with the potatoes so i just stuck 'em in the oven with the chicken. mini baked potatoes.

once the chicken was done i wrapped it in foil and deglazed the dutch oven with a little water.

then i thought, hmmmmm.....gravy would be good. i put about a tablespoon of flour and a couple tablespoons of water in a little plastic container, shook it up and added it to the chicken juices. milk works much better for gravy. much better. but the only liquid in my fridge is beer so water it was.

yes things weren't looking too bad for this brokest of broke ass dinners but then i realized - shit! the brussel sprouts are still in the steamer. poop. thus you can imagine that they were just a wee bit overcooked. oh well. two out of three on this budget ain't bad.

and here's the finished product. i paired this fine meal with a harp lager because i came across a 12-pack on sale at the liquor store.

much better than the 89 cent frozen jeno's pizza i thought i was gonna end up with.

oh and one more thing. you may be wondering, "why does she go and buy a 12-pack when she has $17 in her checking account and no food in her fridge?" the answer - priorities. it's all about priorities people. go ahead and judge the eats but please refrain from judging my alcoholism. cheers!

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Xenia said...

Ooooh, yummy. I thought I was the only one in the world who likes brussel sprouts.