Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PW inspired sea planning eats

pioneer woman. god bless her. her latest delicious inspiration was enchiladas.

my dear friend the shitetarian and i decided we need a trip to the beach and in order to brainstorm we would need some beer and good eats. with PW's blessing we opted to test out her enchiladas.

first i chopped up some cilantro and green onions.

then i whipped up the sauce. i cheated a bit (again with PW's blessing) and used canned enchilada sauce with a few extra trimmings: some chicken broth, cilantro, salt and pepper. i also started it all with a roux-ish type mix of oil and flour. pretty tasty although next time i'll just make my own. seems easy enough.

the meat was pretty easy. hamburger and a can of chopped green chilis. an onion would've been nice but i didn't have one.
c'est la vie.

i fried the tortillas in a little oil for about 15-20 seconds per side. i drained them on paper towels and then dipped each one in the sauce.

here's the shitetarian loading up the enchiladas. she brought beans and rice as she is not much of a beef eater. she also stuffed some chipotle peppers and cheese in there.

here are the enchiladas all sauced and cheesed and wrapped up and bubblin' away.

and here's the finished product. i paired these delightful enchiladas with a blue moon because that's what the shitetarian brought over.

these were pretty damn good. next time i will definitely make my own sauce. i needed more heat and since it's so easy i might as well. and shredded chicken would be so, so good.

perhaps we can have seafood enchiladas at the beach!

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Viper said...

She eats shit food and drinks shit beer. I bet the beef enchiladas were delish!