Wednesday, September 10, 2008

so broke as hell i can barely eat well

so not too much happening on here as of late. why?

this is why.

san francisco put a hurtin' on me and i've been eating nothing but spaghetti and red sauce and since you already know about my red sauce i didn't feel the need to document it.

in other sad news this blog is likely to get less exotic here soon as i have decided to be an adult and take my gargantuan student loans out of forbearance. monthly payments? egats! this will definitely put a hurtin' on my already limited food budget. c'est la vie.

so stay tuned for the cheapest of cheap eats and the occasional splurge. i will do my best not to disappoint too much.


Viper said...

we must suffer for our art ... you'll just have to get more creative ... cheers!

Xenia said...

I feel your pain. As of January it's Pot Noodles for me. For every meal.

You're super creative though. I know you'll think up some good recipes.